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for my darling severability ☆ requested scott and stiles

have you ever gone on neopets and made fun of everyone on the forums?

because it’s an exhilarating experience let me tell you


Catch Me If You Can 

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Happy 36th Birthday, Kerry!

The Breakfast Club. 1985. The greatest ending to any movie ever. This song launched Simple Minds in the US. Could have been a Billy Idol song, but he turned it down. Idiot. Perfectly sums up the movie. It’s equally beautiful and sad.


Next to Normal - Aaron Tveit singing “I’m Alive”



Modern Les Mis: Enjolras

He was fire and passion, an angel brought down to earth, a god sent to dispel the hubris and avarice of man.  He glowed with his belief, drawing strength from his conviction, swelling the hearts and minds of those who followed him.  He was light made solid, brilliant, and blinding as the sun.  In his veins flowed the blood of the long dead saints and revolutionaries, of those whose causes were great, and whose deeds marked the pages of history.


Aaron Tveit Singing Live in Living Color from catch me if you can

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